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Player Party Not Just For The Players

Sept. 30, 2014

There were chandeliers. There was fancy wine. There was opera. And then there were the Estes siblings, Brooke and James, at this year’s China Open players party.

Brooke and James both play tennis, just not professionally — at least not yet. They still need more practice.

“We played yesterday on a (China Open) court, on an outside court,” Brooke said.

For now, they are focusing on other things, like meeting and taking pictures with the biggest names in tennis.

“We get to see the stars that we like, but not just on TV,” James said.

Brooke, 9, and James, 7, attended their third China Open players party Monday night. Their father is Matthew Estes, the CEO of USANA, a sponsor of the tournament.

“(I feel) nervous cause we’re the only kids,” James said.

But they weren’t the only kids, and they weren’t the youngest either.

Master of ceremonies Yan Lang promised to the crowd “something you’ve never seen before.” And that’s exactly what they saw.

The theme of the party was the Peking Opera. One of its acts featured four young boys, one just five-years-old.

The shaven-headed boys, dressed in all white, performed confidently in front their distinguished guests, and James and Brooke of course. Another act followed, featuring lavish costumes, fancy makeup and even a bit of ballet.

But the best outfits were yet to come. Stacey Allaster, CEO of the Women's Tennis Association, announced the “best dressed” awards voted on by the media.

Serena Williams took the crown for the women. Her golden dress featured a flare of Chinese fashion.

“It means a lot to me,” Williams said after receiving the award.

For the men, the media voted Rafael Nadal. The No. 2 player in the world sported a black sports coat lined with a shimmering finish.

“I am very lucky because half an hour ago a beautiful girl came to my room and gave me these clothes.”

As for Brooke and James, they were okay with not winning the award. Dressing up isn’t really their forte.

“They forced us to dress up,” James said.

“I want to wear my tennis clothes,” Brooke said.


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